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  • Wed, 22nd Mar
    10:00 am, Mass

  • Sat, 25th Mar
    5:00 pm, Vigil

  • Sun, 26th Mar
    10:00 am, Mass

  • Sun, 26th Mar
    5:00 pm, Sunday Devotions

    Prayers of Intercession
    Evening Prayer of the Church

Scripture Corner

Thursday 7pm in back sacristy or at home with family and friends

This term we read the Book of Exodus—the dramatic account of the Hebrews being rescued from Egypt and their entry to the Promised Land.

It is the ideal book to read for Lent.

This week we will read from the Book of Exodus chapters 13—-15.

All Welcome.


Notes on the Readings for the Ascension of the Lord

Notes on the Readings for the Ascension of the Lord

Notes on the Readings for the Ascension of the Lord ”40 days after the Resurrection” The number 40 has a very significant meaning-- it is a time of testing and preparing for a new start in God’s plan. After 40 days of the flood, Noah and his family, purified and...

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Notes on 6th Sunday Easter

Notes on 6th Sunday Easter

Notes ( not a sermon ) on 6th Sunday Easter. Approaching Pentecost--At the end of  his life  Jesus teaches us about the Holy Spirit. “ If you love me, keep my commandments.” His commandments are his gifts to us --- our road to eternal life, happiness and union with...

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Parish News

Parish Newsletter – 23/01/22

Notes to Parishioners

A Synod for our Time

Pope Francis is holding a Synod for the whole church, to which every member of the church is invited to participate. In fact, participation is open to others as well, Christian or non-Christian alike. Much emphasis is being put on discernment —what the Spirit is saying to us in our time, drawing on the riches of Sacred Scripture and our Catholic Tradition.

There is a carefully laid out time-scale, starting with the parish, and other small groupings, then on to diocesan and national events later on in 2022, and reaching its culmination in 2023 with the Synod of Bishops meeting with the Pope in Rome.

It is above all a worldwide meditation for the entire Church, and everybody in it, to discern at this time what the Spirit is saying to all of us as a whole, and to each of us individually. It is emphasised that it is not a massive discussion about the management of the Church. It is much deeper than that. More spiritual. Discernment is being emphasised—discovering what the Spirit is saying to us in our time. It is a long haul, needing much prayer and work, involving everyone from the youngest to the oldest, from the strongest to the weakest.
We will grow into it as we go along. In the meantime, do please pray that the Lord will bless our endeavours to listen to Him in our time. Also watch this space to find out future developments. Thanks.

i. Please pray for Maureen Robertson, who died recently.
Her funeral Mass will be celebrated in the Church on Wednesday, January 26, at 10.30 a.m. Thereafter, to Auchterarder Cemetery

ii. Please pray for Neil Welsh, who also died recently.
His funeral Mass will be celebrated on Thursday. February 3, at 11 a.m, and thereafter to Perth Crematorium 12,30 p.m.

Important Note : In these days of social distancing, attendance at the funeral Mass in the Church is by invitation only. Thank you

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