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Mass Times

This Week

  • Wed, 20th Sep
    10:00 am, Mass

  • Sun, 24th Sep
    9:30 am, Mass

Changes to Normal Mass Times

While Monsignor is recuperating Fr Louis will be covering Our Lady’s and there will be an amended Mass schedule to allow him to cover both parishes. 

Saturday Vigil Mass has been cancelled for the time being.
Sunday morning Masses have been revised forward to 9.30am and Wednesday morning Mass remains at 10am.

We appreciate you patience during this period and thank you for your prayers for Monsignor’s speedy recovery.


Notes on the Readings for the Ascension of the Lord

Notes on the Readings for the Ascension of the Lord

Notes on the Readings for the Ascension of the Lord ”40 days after the Resurrection” The number 40 has a very significant meaning-- it is a time of testing and preparing for a new start in God’s plan. After 40 days of the flood, Noah and his family, purified and...

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Notes on 6th Sunday Easter

Notes on 6th Sunday Easter

Notes ( not a sermon ) on 6th Sunday Easter. Approaching Pentecost--At the end of  his life  Jesus teaches us about the Holy Spirit. “ If you love me, keep my commandments.” His commandments are his gifts to us --- our road to eternal life, happiness and union with...

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Parish News

Parish Newsletter – Easter Sunday 2022

Easter Sunday 2022
He is Risen, Alleluia.

We are very grateful to Monsignor Drysdale for stepping into the breech in Holy Week during my enforced absence
Also to Reverend Iain Paton for his reflection at the Stations of the Cross.
Easter Water : It will be blessed at the Easter Vigil and the container will be left in the porch for collecting afterwards
If you have a bottle at home with previously blessed Holy Water, it should be poured back to the earth from where it came, not down the sink.
If you use a bottle to take some home, please remember to sanitize your hands before and after touching the water.
Having Holy Water in the porch for blessing remains a problem where contamination can occur so easily. We will not keep it in the porch until its use becomes safer.
Though I seem to have recovered from the virus, it may be in everyone’s interest to cancel the Mass this coming Wednesday ( April 20 ) I sincerely hope I can resume my pastoral duties safely next Sunday with Sunday Mass and the Holy Hour.
I have to thank everyone for their tolerance with my enforced shielding.

Easter Joys and Blessings to all Parishioners and Friends
Gaudia Paschalia

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