6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – February 13, 2022

Please remember to fill in the Synod questionnaire.
Also, give a copy to anyone who may be interested.
Pope Francis is anxious that as many people as possible should participate in the Synod, practising and non-practising Catholics alike. People who are not members of the Church are also welcome to participate.
Above all, we need people to pray that the Lord will bless this project and use it to bring us all closer to Himself and to one another.

Fr Gary
We extend a very warm welcome to Fr. Gary, who is visiting Auchterarder at the present. There will be a basket in the Church porch for anyone who wishes to make a donation.

Ash Wednesday will fall on March 2, i.e. a week on Wednesday
There are the usual SCIAF Boxes in the porch for collection. Please take one home and fill it with the money you save from your Lenten penances—in this way you can practise both Lenten penance and Lenten alms-giving..
The three activities of Lent : Prayer. Fasting , Alms-Giving
This year we will have the added Lenten opportunity of participating in the Synod. Participating in the Synod is our main task at the present time, and we are asked to start the process during Lent.
To free up the weekdays for the Synod, and yet give parishioners an opportunity for a Lenten Holy Hour, it will be held on Sundays at 5 p.m. We will also have the usual Wednesday morning Mass at 10 a.m, followed by the Stations of the Cross

Please remember the sick and suffering in your prayers, especially for Bishop Stephen’s mother, and for Fr Neil Thornton, a friend
For the repose of the souls of Maureen Robertson and Neil Welsh, who died recently
And for Wanda Dudek, and her son George Dudek, whose anniversaries occur around this time.
We pray for our own loved ones , and for the deceased parishioners and priests of Our Lady’s. R I P