Pentecost Sunday June 5, 2022
Notes for Parishioners Platinum Jubilee Weekend

St. John Henry Newman writes: “The Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, is the Life of all that live. Through Him all trees, herbs, fruits thrive and are perfected. Through Him, spring comes after winter and renews all things. That wonderful and beautiful, that irresistible burst into life again, in spite of all obstacles, that awesome triumph of nature, is but His glorious Presence.” Meditations .

This weekend we pray that Queen Elizabeth may receive a multitude of graces and blessings as she, and we, celebrate her Platinum Jubilee.

Today it also gives us great pleasure to welcome Ethan to the Church as he makes his first Holy Communion.  We also welcome his Mum, Dad, sister, other relatives and friends of the family on this happy occasion.

A reminder: we now have a Vigil Mass on Saturdays at 5 pm. Confessions are heard beforehand in sacristy.

Please remember the sick in our community , especially Mgr. McCaffery who is recovering from a serious operation, Yonne Campbell , Fr Jerry Mulligan of Kinnoull, all housebound parishioners and all who have asked for our prayers. Thank you.

Also please pray for the victims of the latest school tragedy in Uvalde ,Texas : those who lost their lives, the injured, the other children of the school, teachers , parents , families, friends, members of the emergency services, and the wider community. How many more such senseless tragedies are we going to have with so many broken lives and broken hearts. Remember, too, our own loved ones who have gone before us, family, friends, teachers, priests, former parishioners and priests of Our Lady’s.