July 10 – 15th Sunday
Notes for Parishioners

Vigil Mass on Saturday 5 pm. Confessions beforehand
Mass on Sunday 10 a.m.

Stella Maris : Second collection today for the Apostolate of the Sea
This is a wonderful charity for Seafarers, who are often lonely, poor and neglected. They receive all sorts of temporal and spiritual help from the charity when in port e.g. financial help , clothing, writing letters home for those who cannot write etc. It was founded by the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Glasgow—a world-wide Catholic charity which was started here in Scotland

Next Sunday the Bishop will be here to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to Sofia Boyle
Please remember to pray for her and her family that the Lord may always keep them in His love
There will be refreshments in the garden after Mass.

“Franciscan University Presents…”

This is a wonderful website for learning more about the Catholic Faith—it consists of a panel of four experts who discuss various topics of the Faith. One of the panellists is Scot Hahn. Having four people helps to make it more interesting. Click on the website and it will bring you to Youtube with a variety of religious topics which are already recorded. Just click on the topic of your choice. You can always turn it off when you are tired, and go back again when you feel like it. Sadly, you can’t do that with sermons !

The Frances Hogan Website –Sacred Scripture

This is also a wonderful website—-Frances is a world renowned teacher of Sacred Scripture

Pray for the Sick : Gemma Nichol, Yvonne Campbell, other sick and suffering people in our community, and the house bound

Remember Viki O’Donnell , Nancy Dewar, who have recently died; also our loved ones who have passed away, past parishioners and priests of Our Lady’s

We wish a Happy and Safe Holiday to everyone going away , and to everyone staying at home.