18th Sunday July 31, 2022
Notes to Parishioners

i. Mass on Wednesday 10 am

ii. Collection today for Peter’s Pence—the fund that helps meet the expenses of the Holy Father and the administration costs of the Vatican Donations may be placed in the container in the porch.

iii. The usual Redemptorist publications are being withdrawn by the Redemptorists as they no longer have permission to publish the Mass texts—it was given to them during the epidemic — i.e. the text of the Sunday Mass, and the homily. These will cease after today.
We will continue with the Sunday Plus , the articles by Scot Hahn , the notes on the Gospel and parish notices.

iv. British Tour of the relics St Bernadette in the Autumn , 2022
Her relics will be on tour in Britain during September and October , 2022.
They will arrive in Carfin Grotto on September 24 at 11 a.m., and leave again on October 1, at 8 a.m .
For more details of the tour , and to book a place at Carfin, go to : stbernadette.org.uk/the-tour/.

v.Please remember the Sick : Yvonne Campbell, Gemma Nichol, Tommy Leavy, Sheila Cullivan , and all who are house bound or unwell.

vi. Recently Deceased : Gerard O’Sullivan, Zoe Robertson
Anniversary : Jim Sullivan