Parish Notices Christmas Day 2022

Christmas Eve. Mass at 8 pm; Carols start at 7.30 pm ( Please Note : No Mass on Saturday Dec. 24 at 5 pm )
Christmas Morning Mass at 10 a.m.
Mass on Wednesday at 10 a.m.
( Hogmanay ) Saturday, December 31: Vigil Mass at 5 pm
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God : Mass at 10 a.m.

Please remember our sick : Bill Beggs; Frances Brown; Yvonne Campbell; Gemma Nicol;
Recently Deceased : Terence Quinn; former parishioners, priests and friends of Our Lady’s

Scripture Corner
Instead of meeting for Scripture Corner over the Christmas break, we suggest parishioners read Isaiah chapters 40—55. It is called the Book of Consolation, to comfort the Israelites while they were in exile in Babylon . It has some wonderful poetry as well as telling of God’s tender love for his people.

Christmas Greetings
Christmas Graces and Blessings to all parishioners and friends of Our Lady’s