6th Easter Parish Notices.

“ For lo, the rain is over and done, the singing of birds is come and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land “ ( Song of Songs )

Saturday Vigil Mass 5 pm. Confessions 4.30 pm Sunday Morning Mass 10 a.m.
May Devotions Sunday 5 pm
Thursday: Solemnity of the Ascension. Holiday of Obligation
Wednesday Vigil Mass : 5 p.m. Thursday Mass : 10 a.m.
No Mass on Wednesday morning , May 17.

Soup and Sandwiches in Aytoun Hall — Many thanks to all supporters and helpers: organisers, donors of soup/sandwiches; all who came; all who helped in any way.
A total of £ 590 was realised. Well Done, Everybody.

Scripture Corner : We are presently `reading the Acts of the Apostles
Meet in Church on Thursday, or in your own home with family /friends . This week we are reading Chs.6,7, & 8.

Stained Glass Windows
We have inherited a beautiful church from those who have gone before us; our hope is to hand on an even more beautiful Church to those who come after us. Hopefully, our beloved patron, the Blessed Mother, would approve. From medieval times, stained glass windows have been used to change the natural light from the sun to a proclamation of God’s wonderful works. For the present, we will concentrate on the two windows by the sacristy door and see how we get on. The first window would have as its theme the town of Auchterarder, “ our city built on a hill “; the second window would have the Pope and Vatican as its theme . Our first collection for the project will be taken up on Sunday, June 4 It is hoped that people who feel able to do so, will be generous. It is not intended to be a burden on people who are presently finding the cost of living difficult.

Please remember our sick : Bishop Stephen; Bill Beggs; Yvonne Campbell and others in our community who are suffering, worried or housebound.

Recently Deceased : Sheila Culliven; Monica Kiely and people whose anniversaries occur around this time, former parishioners, priests and friends of Our Lady’s Parish. R. I. P.
Sheila Culliven. R I P. The funeral will take place in St. John’s, Perth, on Wednesday, May 24, at 11.30 a.m., thereafter at the cemetery of Auchterarder.
No Mass in Auchterarder that morning.