11th Sunday—June 18, 2023
Notes for Parishioners.

Saturday Vigil Mass 5 pm; Confessions beforehand. Sunday Mass 10 a.m.
Evening Devotions: Sunday 5 pm. Mass on Wednesday; 10 a.m.

Scripture Corner: Thursday 7pm in Church; or with family /friends. Just now we are reading the final chapters of the Acts of the Apostles

Bishops of Scotland : Second Collection today for Day of Life .

Stained Glass Windows : Our estimate for the Roman and Auchterarder windows comes to just under £8,000. Our collection last Sunday came to £650. Many thanks for this generous donation. All going well, we will have another collection on the first Sunday of September.

Some Anniversaries of Priestly Ordinations in our diocese
Mgr. Ken McCaffrey: Will celebrate his 41st Anniversary next Friday, June 23
Mgr. Aldo Angelo Santo : Will celebrate his 50th on Monday, July 3.
Fr Mike Freyne : Will celebrate his 46th today, Saturday, June 17
Monsignor Basil : Will celebrate his 67th today, Saturday, June 17
Congratulations to these elderly priests, and prayers of thanksgiving for their long service to the people of the diocese. “ Ad Multos Annos” ( For Many Years ) is the traditional prayer for them –usually sung by the clergy for the clergy.

Please remember our sick: Pope Francis; Bishop Stephen; Bill Beggs; Christine Campbell; Others in our community who are ill, housebound or suffering in any way.