Parish Notes. 12th Sunday. June 25

Saturday Vigil Mass 5 pm.; Confessions beforehand. Sunday Mass 10 a.m.
Devotions Sunday 5 pm.
Thursday: Solemnity of St Peter and Paul. Holyday of Obligation.
Vigil Mass Wednesday 5 pm; Thursday : Mass 10 a.m.
No Mass on Wednesday morning.

Tuesday : St. Cyril of Alexandria. One of the Church Fathers Died 444
At the Council of Ephesus he championed the Catholic doctrine of Our Lady as Mother of God—thus emphasising the divinity of Christ

Tuesday, June 27, is also the Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Wednesday : St Irenaeus. Another great Father of the Church . Bishop of Lyon. He was responsible for defining the list of books of the New Testament. Martyred around 200 A.D .

Our Scripture Corner is suspended during the summer.
A summer suggestion : Read /Meditate St Paul’s Letter to the Romans
Many experts regard this letter as his most important one. It contains much of his most profound teaching.

Please pray for our sick : Pope Francis; Bishop Stephen ; Bill Beggs; Margaret Moore; others sick/suffering /housebound .

Recently Deceased : Bishop Maurice Taylor; Monica Elliott; people whose anniversaries occur around this time; former parishioners, priests and friends of Our Ladies’.