Parish Notes 13th Sunday
Saturday Vigil Mass 5 p.m.; Confessions beforehand 4.30 pm ; Sunday Mass at 10 a.m.
Devotions Sunday 5 p.m. Mass on Wednesday 10 a.m.

Next Sunday is Sea Sunday : A second collection for the Apostleship of the Sea— looking after the seafarers who call at our harbours and ports This charity was founded here in Scotland by the St Vincent de Paul Society

Please remember our sick : Pope Francis ; Bishop Stephen; Bill Beggs; Christine Campbell; Jean Barlow.;
the suffering and housebound in our community.

Deceased : Monica Elliot; those whose anniversaries occur around this time; past parishioners, priests and friends.

A Summer Suggestion
Read by yourself, or with family /friends, St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans—regarded as being his most important letter. Once that is finished, or alternatively, read the two letters of St. Peter.

More summer suggestions on Youtube.
Great discussions on a variety of Catholic subjects can be obtained from : Franciscan University presents…..
About the forthcoming Synod. .
Title on Youtube “Synodality at a liminal time“
This was a conference in Dublin given by people who are actually involved in the planning of the process in Rome
Also on Youtube there are very informative, and surprising, talks by Mary Eberstadt, a leading U.S. scholar.
Also informative talks by Gavin Ashenden, a former Anglican chaplain to the Queen, now a Catholic broadcaster

We wish a Safe journey and Enjoyable Holiday all going away
And a Happy Summer Holiday to All Parishioners and Friends of Our Lady’s