Parish Notices. 15th Sunday July 16, 2023

Saturday Vigil Mass 5 pm. Confessions beforehand. Sunday Morning Mass 10 a.m.
Devotions Sunday 5 pm. Mass Wednesday 10 a.m.

Our Collection for Sea Sunday ( Stella Maris ) came to £ 187. Many thanks for this generous donation.

There is an emergency in Ethiopia –the people there are on the verge of starvation
The Bishops of Scotland have asked us to help through SCIAF There is a box on the table in the porch for donations.

Please remember our sick, suffering and housebound.
Pease remember those who have died recently, those whose anniversaries occur around this time, former parishioners, priests and friends of Our Lady’s.

Saturday : Feast of St. Mary Magdalene.
An honour for our little Church : We are to have a Spanish-Scottish wedding here next month –Saturday, August 12.

The bride is half-Scottish and half Spanish—her Mum is a Dundonian . The groom is fully Spanish.