Parish Notes. 32nd Sunday
Memorial Sunday

Today we pray for all those who lost their lives in recent wars , friend and foe alike.
We pray for the injured, bereaved and those who still suffer from past wars in anyway.
We pray for peace in the Ukraine and Middle East, for those killed and injured, and for the politicians whose responsibility it is to bring about peace.

Times of Masses : Sundays 10 a.m.
Wednesday : 10 a.m.
Rosary : Thursday 7 pm

These will be the arrangements for the rest of the year. We will review them in the New Year.
For any sick call or house call I would need transport there and back.

Coffee Morning in Aytoun Hall on Saturday, November 18, from 10 a.m. Proceeds to Mary’s Meals.
November, month of the Holy Souls : Masses will be offered during November for those whos names are returned on the lists

Wednesday : St. Albert the Great. . Known as the Universal Doctor, he was responsible for introducing Aristotelian philosophy into Catholic theology , which became the basis of scholasticism. He taught the young Thomas Acquinas at Cologne University, who would, in his turn, become one of the great theologians in the history of the church. Albert died in 1280

Thursday : St Margaret of Scotland . Secondary patron of Scotland . Married to King Malcolm iii at Dunfermline, she had 8 children . Noted for her piety and love for the poor, she was responsible for bringing the Celtic church into line with the Church on the continent. Margaret is depicted in one of our windows giving food to the poor. Died in 1093