2nd Sunday of Advent
December, 10

Sunday Morning Mass at 10am.
Wednesday Mass at 10am.
Rosary & Prayers on Thursday at 7pm

Next Sunday (December 17th): Gaudete (Rejoice) Sunday; also Bambinelli Sunday.

We bring our figures of Baby Jesus to be blessed. This is a request to the Lord to enable us spend the feast in a way pleasing to Him; and to ask for a Christmas Blessing on ourselves and our loved ones.

Today families in Rome gather in St Peter’s Square for the Pope to give them this Christmas blessing.

Christmas Gifts for Needy Families in Auchterarder.

Gifts can be brought to the church next Sunday in a open gift bag.

Thursday: St Lucy, a native of Sicily, had consecrated herself to Christ. She refused to enter an arranged marriage with a pagan aristocrat. He denounced her to the authorities for being a Christian, and she was put death under the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian in 304 AD, aged 21.

Please remember our sick and housebound: Bishop Stephen; Moncia Kidd; Eoin French.

We pray for the recently deceased and those whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Winter Solstice.

As our planet earth makes its way around the sun it wobbles and spends six months turning her northern half towards the sun; then for the next six months she turns her southern half towards the sun and her northern half away from it thus giving us the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, providing all, humans and all other creatures, with the necessities of life. Some people call this the Goldilocks effect, a random happening without any scientific explanation. Christians know it is a wonderful example of divine Providence, of God the Creator who cares for his people. On Friday, December 22, we will have the winter solstice at 3.27am, when the process starts all over again. Praise be to the Lord.

Christmas Masses.

Sunday, December 24 – 4th Sunday of Advent: Mass at 10am.

Sunday, December 24 – Christmas Eve. Mass of Christmas Night at 8pm. Carols start at 7.30pm.

Sunday, December 31 – Feast of the Holy Family. Mass at 10am.

Monday, January 1 – New Year’s Day and Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. Mass at 10am.