Come Holy Spirit Come.

Vigil Mass Saturday at 5pm.

Sunday: Mass at 10am. May Devotions at 5pm.

Wednesday Morning Mass at 10am.

Confessions: Before Vigil Mass and after Mass on Sunday and Wednesday.

Please pray for the Sick: Monica Kidd; Margaret Saunders; Frances Notman; Mary McGraw; Eoin French; Tony Davis; Emma Davis and others who are sick or housebound in our community.

Recently deceased: anniversaries at this time; former parishioners and friends of Our Lady’s.

Proposed Suicide Bill

The Scottish bishops are asking us to write to our MSP to oppose the Assisted Suicide bill in the Scottish Parliament. Please consult our reflection on the bill in this week’s special notice.

Once the bill is passed and becomes law, there is nothing we will be able to do about it.